Ken Schwaber on Scrum


Scrum is a collection of tools for agile software development and project management. It helps to focus small software development teams into delivering a complete, tested, and quality product by breaking the development into small iterative chunks with a concrete output. Scrum doesn’t necessarily help a team produce code faster, but it allows a team to find out very early in the process whether the development goals will be completed in the planned timeline.

Ken Schwaber, one of the developers of the Agile process and a major Scrum evangelist, presented Scrum to a group at Google. This video is a must watch for anyone involved in software development, whether you’re a programmer or a project manager. In addition to introducing the management concept, he gives some insight into what makes a project fail (and how to know right away when it’s going to), how to deliver on a tightened deadline without sacrificing quality (hint: half the features, not half baked), and why “core” functionality in a product tends to become unmanageable after 5 major development initiatives.

Google Tech Talks: Scrum et al.

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