littleBits Starter Kit


The littleBits kit is like Lego for basic circuits. Each “bit” is a small circuit board that enables a single electronics component or electronic function, like a potentiometer, light sensor, LED, or motor. The bits snap together magnetically with edge connectors that are color-coded to indicate their general role within a circuit; for example magenta means input, green means output, and blue means power. The magnets are oriented so that you cannot connect the bits the wrong way, and three spring-loaded contacts in each connector carry voltage, signal, and ground from bit to bit. This clever design makes experimenting with series circuits easy and “wireless.”

2 thoughts on “littleBits Starter Kit

  1. JT says:

    An interesting little kit for the kids. My 6 year old had a lot of fun initially. There are a few little issues that could perhaps be addressed in future. i) When snapping together magnetically the components are not alway “level” and connections have to often be adjusted if not working on a table (kids love to set things up around the house :O)). ii) Wires on the vibrating motor have very small diameter and one snapped after an hour of play from my 6 year old. These should be beefed up.
    Look forward to when more components become available, need motors and sensors :O)).

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