Low-power monitor tracks temperature over time

Low-power monitor tracks temperature over time

Need to collect data about something over a long period of time, and don’t want to be bothered with changing batteries in your recorder all the time? Then you might be interested in this low-powered Temperature Recorder by Andrew M. Bishop. Using a PIC 12f series chip programmed in assembly, it takes advantage of the chip’s low-powered sleep mode to stay off most of the time, drawing only 1mAh of power per day. This should mean that the device will last for years on a set of AA batteries- not too shabby! [via hacked gadgets]

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  1. Frac says:

    I love these articles, but if there’s one thing that’s becoming obvious to me:

    Make needs to run a tutorial on “How to Solder”.

    You’re making electrical connections… not icing a muffin, folks. ;-)

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