Make 3D stereo charts in Excel



If you make a 3D surface plot in Excel 2007, there’s an extra option in the chart properties that allow you to adjust the view angle. Don Sauer noticed that you can use this property to enhance 3D plots by turning them into stereo images. It’s a simple matter of making two charts and tweaking the angle for each eye. Just cross your eyes with the photo above to see the Matterhorn!

Make Stereo Graphic Images in Excel

6 thoughts on “Make 3D stereo charts in Excel

  1. RevWubby says:

    There are a couple problems this this 3D chart. It’s not for eye CROSSING, but uncrossing. Crossing will reverse the depths. I don’t many people who can uncross far enough to make this chart work. Also, the labels do not match up, making the 3d effect hard to enjoy.

    Otherwise, it’s a cool idea.

  2. Robot Hacker says:

    Making an animated GIF that switches between the 2 images will give the 3D effect and then you won’t have to cross/uncross your eyes.

  3. AndyL says:

    What this needs is some red and blue filters.
    That’s a cheap and easy approach to 3d that won’t strain your eyes.

    Pity the labels on the axes don’t line up.

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