MAKE inspired honking pumpkin

MAKE inspired honking pumpkin

I know Halloween is over, but I really wanted to share this project that Todd emailed us. The honking pumpkin was inspired by my How-to Tuesday: Scariest Pumpkin ever build. This is exactly why we do the builds for the blog. We want our readers to be inspired to make things, and maybe like Todd, make them better. Best of all, share what you have learned so others can do the same. Thanks Todd, you made my day year! Have you made anything inspired by the MAKE blog? If so, send us a link. Thanks!

My honking pumpkin used to scare the H-E-Hockey-Sticks out of Trick-Or-Treaters. I based this project on a Make-blog posted just before Halloween as I noted on the first page. The project turned out very scary indeed, but I had a lot of false triggering of the car horns on Halloween night. This site is about my re-build to make it better and more importantly I documented how I used my Oscilloscope to track down the cause of the false triggering and correct the problem.

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How-to Tuesday: Scariest Pumpkin Ever

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