BeagleBone Black is Back

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BeagleBone Black is Back

The challenge of finding a BeagleBone Black board is well documented by Octopart and recently discussed on Adafruit’s Blog. Whatever the specific causes, the development boards have been nearly impossible to find. Today that problem is a concern of the past.

Via twitter, announced that Embest, a Premier Farnell Company, is the first manufacturer licensed by the newly created Logo Program, which stipulates:

The product bearing the BeagleBoard Compliant Logo has been tested by and has been determined to be BeagleBoard Compliant. “BeagleBoard Compliant” is defined as a product that (a) is identical in technical design and functionality as the specified product with which this product is compliant, and (b) runs on the version of the software provided by to supplier. A product shall be deemed “BeagleBoard Compliant” as of the manufacture date. If additional peripherals are bundled with the supplier’s product, the “BeagleBoard Compliant” certification does not extend to those peripherals.

Volume details are not yet publicly available, but inventory numbers are well above 700 units at the time of publishing. Additional details will be made available Monday when the new arrangement is publicly launched.

This influx of available BeagleBone Blacks from a global distributor and manufacturer is welcome news for makers interested in using a powerful and open-hardware platform.

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