Exclusive 50% Off: NVIDIA Jetson TK1 DevKit — for Just $99

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NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Developer Kit
The NVIDIA Jetson TK1 DevKit

NVIDIAWe’re seeing the advent of a new generation of “autonomous” devices — driver-less cars, drones, robots, or, you name it, that can operate by “seeing,” processing, and responding on their own.  But to exercise that almost human-like judgment requires massive amounts of computing power.

Supercomputers used to cost millions. Not so much anymore. Now it’s possible for Makers to take advantage of similarly intense processing oomph — and for just $99.

That’s the nearly 50%-off price being offered to our Make: community under an exclusive deal from graphics-powerhouse NVIDIA for its Jetson TK1 Developer Kit, its embedded systems solution. It’s like getting a big brain on a budget.

NVIDIA compares the Jetson TK1 to a supercomputer for a good reason: It offers 192 cores of the same high-performance, power-efficient NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based GPU that drives the world’s brainiest machines and top PC gaming systems.

To take advantage of this special offer just go to the NVIDIA store and order your NVIDIA Jetson TK1 developer kit. At checkout, use this promo code: MAKEJTK1.

What kind of project would use all that power? NVIDIA suggests there’s enough power in the Jetson TK1 DevKit to take on a project for a self-driving vehicle. Who says you have to take a backseat to Google, Tesla, or Apple, or any other real or reported driver-less developer?

Parrot, the giant French tech company, has been using the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 to develop drones that don’t need GPS. Instead they would have enough computing power aboard to see, process, understand, and navigate the landscape — even sudden obstacles.

The June Intelligent Oven uses the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor — the same one at the heart of the Jetson TK1 DevKit — to make critical cooking decisions based partly on what its cameras “see,” like whether a bagel half is facing up or down.

The Jetson TK1 Developer Kit  includes the development board, AC adapter with power cord, USB Micro-B to USB A adapter, and Quick Start Guide.

NVIDIA also offers some deep resources for developers, including its online developer tools and resources site and its developer community.

To learn more, check out www.nvidia.com/makejetson.


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