How-To: LCD Controlled by BeagleBone

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How-To: LCD Controlled by BeagleBone

Nuno Alves, an assistant professor of computer engineering at Western New England University, has been experimenting with the BeagleBone and posted an excellent how-to guide on getting the ubiquitous Hitachi HD44780 compatible LCD screens working with the embedded Linux platform. He even developed and shared a C library to make it dead simple to print characters and strings to the these displays. Thanks for sharing, Nuno! No doubt that this will be very helpful for those of us building projects with the ‘Bone.

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  1. williamcoleman757 says:

    So how do you know when the drawing is “done” ?

  2. williamcoleman757 says:

    This is supposed to be a comment on the A Pair of Turntables That Generates Art post !

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