Microsoft Surface without a surface

Microsoft Surface without a surface

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Microsoft has released what’s more or less a stripped-down version of their multitouch Microsoft Surface; in face, there’s no surface included at all. Anyone with a webcam (and Windows) can try it out. From

Although many developers may be waiting for the release of the Surface SDK expected later this month, Microsoft have in fact released another touch-related SDK you can play with right now.

Called Touchless, this SDK allows you to experiment with multi-touch applications with little investment in hardware. In order to use Touchless all you need is a webcam as the video above demonstrates.

Microsoft release webcam multi-touch Touchless SDK

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  1. Gregor Richards says:

    I’ve done it! Spurred on by this article, I built myself a wearable display and it works PERFECTLY.

    A picture of me wearing it, mounted temporarily to some funky yellow polarized computer glasses:

    For those wanting slightly more in-depth instructions, I’ve posted a video of the multiple steps I had to go through to make it work. It’s here: (note: this video was being processed as of when I posted this link, but by the time you read this it should be done)