MiniPOV light sensing hack

MiniPOV light sensing hack

Kragen shows you how to mod the MiniPOV kit we carry in the MAKE store, this hack make the POV light sensitive… nice work!

“…I wanted to add some input to it, since a device that turns LEDs on and off without paying any attention to its environment is useful for only a fairly limited number of things. There’s a technique described in Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs Technical Report 2003-035, “Very Low-Cost Sensing and Communication Using Bidirectional LEDs” for using a single LED to alternately emit and sense light. So I figured I’d make this modification to my minipov2.”Link.

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  • MiniPOV- An Inexpensive Persistence of Vision – A third generation of original MiniPOV, no microcontroller-programming device is needed, and the source code is in C not assembly. And it includes high quality PCBs and LEDs. The MiniPOV project as an ideal starting place for anyone who wants to: learn how to solder; learn how to assemble simple kits; learn how to program microcontrollers; and make blinky stuff – Link.

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