Musical Caps Lock prank

Musical Caps Lock prank

How to wire a greeting card sound chip to a keyboard key on a mark’s computer. Hilarity (or an ass-whipping) you can bank on.

This is basically the same hack we blogged about before (see below), but these instructions hold your hand a bit tighter.

How to make a prank musical caps-lock keyboard – Link


  • HOW TO – The Singing Keyboard prank – Link

10 thoughts on “Musical Caps Lock prank

  1. samurai1200 says:

    apparently you can wipe your ass with musical ICs?

  2. treoubo says:

    ummm… is that supposed to be “ass-wiping” or “ass-whipping”? There’s a pretty huge difference.

  3. garethb2 says:

    Er…that’s whipping. Thanks.

  4. Shadyman says:


  5. juandowns says:

    can the greeting card sound chip be re-recorded??? anybody ever try?

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