Humble Bundle: New Books, New Podcasts

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Humble Bundle: New Books, New Podcasts

Our Programmable Boards Humble Bundle gains a frisson of excitement today by unlocking two new “mystery” titles! We have two new podcasts with their authors launching today as well.

Both are ebooks that we create specifically for our Humble Bundle projects. This time, we’ve tied the new book releases with the debut of a Make: Books Podcast series in which editor Patrick DiJusto has far-ranging discussions with authors about their topics.

Author Mike Barela, whose first Make: book is Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket, contributes Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, to this Humble Bundle deal. It’s not available anywhere else!

In this podcast, Mike and Patrick discuss the Circuit Playground Express, a single board computer that can be programmed in Python, Arduino C, or in the MakeCode visual language.

Also new this week just for Humble Bundle is Wolfram Donat’s ebook, “Jumpstarting the Onion Omega.” Wolf’s previous Make: book is Make a Raspberry Pi-Controlled Robot, also included in this bundle.

On the Make: Books Podcast, Wolf and Patrick explore the versatility of Onion Omega, a personal single-board computer created by Onion, a Toronto startup. At a cost of $9, the Omega is advertised as “the world’s smallest Linux Server.”

Also on this first Make: books podcast slate are interviews with Humble Bundle contributors Jody Culkin and Eric Hagan, whose Learn Electronics with Arduino is highly praised by Arduino pioneer Tom Igoe, and a talk with Gordon Williams, whose Making Things Smart explores how, with the Espruino language, your microcontroller can be programmed directly using free software.

We hope that you enjoy learning more about these authors and these programmable boards. Check out the Humble Bundle deal, which ends next Monday at 10:59amPT, and consider paying $20 to get them all. All told, this is nearly $500 worth of books. Your purchase benefits the Maker Education Initiative, a nonprofit devoted to teaching teachers to make new makers!


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