Objective-J and Cappuccino released



Hackszine reader Math Campbell writes:

As promised when they released their demo application 280 Slides, 280 North, the startup that invented a whole new language (Objective-J) to run their Cocoa-like Javascript framework, Cappuccino on, has released both Objective-J and Cappuccino as open-source under the LGPL. They’re also providing documentation, tutorials and forums to help you master this new and exciting way of writing web-apps.

This project came to my attention in June when 280 North released their web-based, Powerpoint-like presentation application, 280 Slides. The team has re-implemented a significant portion of the Cocoa API in Objective-J, so developers who are familiar with writing applications for Cocoa or GNUstep can easily port over their skill set, and possibly their applications, to the web.

Now I’ve got both iPhone and Cappuccino development giving me a reason to start kicking around a common development platform for web and mobile applications. Have any of you Hackszine readers started playing with Objective-J/Cappuccino? If so, what’s been your experience so far?

Cappuccino: open source web application framework
Cappuccino tutorials

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