“Open source” Game Boy

“Open source” Game Boy

Matt is working on an open source Game Boy

Ok, so ever since middle school I’ve wanted to make one of these… but I only now have enough know-how and support to make it, … an Open Source game boy :) Actually, it’s a little smaller than a game boy, but it’s 1000% cooler (in my opinion) because it uses an Arduino as the “core”, and a few modules and shields that already exist.

4 thoughts on ““Open source” Game Boy

  1. Bob Jones says:

    i would like to say that I am disgusted with Matt, who built this “open source” gameboy
    I have scoured the internet looking for instructions on how to build this, but all i see is a 250 dollar price tag on something that cant even play tetris. This is the exact opposite of open source as you are charging obscene amounts of money for something that should be free. Now I do understand that you need to make money off of this, so why not a $30 set for kids to build? you are charging more than a Nintendo DS for something that cant do jack. It would nice to have instructions out there to build something like this from scratch. Its time to stop being greedy Matt, and actually give back to the community

  2. Michael Roque says:

    This is a joke, I would love to make games and test this out. but being a teenager, that price tag is too high, i assume for most people anyway. make a cheaper version of instructions on how to make one. or else not many people will.

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