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We’ve posted about installing Ubuntu and Vista on the little Asus Eee PC, so to round things off, here’s a guide for installing Leopard. Using a few tools of the hackintosh trade, Dan from Uneasy Silence was able to get OS X running on the little lappy.

So, ever since I got the eeePC I’ve loved how easy it is to tinker with. Since I’m not a Linux guy, I dumped the Xandros preload and opted for Windows XP so I could you my EVDO USB datacard and blogging software easier, but I wondered could I install OSX on it? And, after trial and error – you can!

One thing that Dan mentions is that Leopard is a bit pokey on the Eee. He opted to run OS X 10.4.8 instead, and it sounds like it performs quite a bit better.

Load OSX 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC – Link
Vista on the Eee PC – Link
HOWTO – Install Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PC – Link

0 thoughts on “OS X on the Asus Eee PC

  1. MakeFan says:

    I’ve never seen it done that way. In my opinion the right way to do it is:

    1) Go to device manager (my computer, right click, properties, hardware tab, device manager)

    2) In the top menu, click View->Show Hidden Devices

    3) Expand the “Non-Plug and Play Drivers” section that appears below.

    4) Right click on Beep and select disable. You can doble click on Beep for more options.

  2. Brian Jepson says:

    Thanks, MakeFan. That’ll do the trick, too, but either procedure is fine. In fact, once you have the properties for Beep up in Device Manager, you can go to the Driver tab and click Start or Stop, which does the same thing as NET START/STOP.

    I like the one-liner because it’s fast; you can type it directly into the run box if you don’t want to start up a Command Prompt. I use NET STOP/START for system services as well, so I don’t have to drill down into the Services Administrative Tool.

    – Brian

  3. William Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been blasted out of my chair many times by that stupid beep. No more!!


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