OS X on the Asus Eee PC



We’ve posted about installing Ubuntu and Vista on the little Asus Eee PC, so to round things off, here’s a guide for installing Leopard. Using a few tools of the hackintosh trade, Dan from Uneasy Silence was able to get OS X running on the little lappy.

So, ever since I got the eeePC I’ve loved how easy it is to tinker with. Since I’m not a Linux guy, I dumped the Xandros preload and opted for Windows XP so I could you my EVDO USB datacard and blogging software easier, but I wondered could I install OSX on it? And, after trial and error – you can!

One thing that Dan mentions is that Leopard is a bit pokey on the Eee. He opted to run OS X 10.4.8 instead, and it sounds like it performs quite a bit better.

Load OSX 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC – Link
Vista on the Eee PC – Link
HOWTO – Install Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PC – Link

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