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Oscilloscope Restoration



Make: FLickr pool ember Eschlaep shares a bunch of pics from his oscillograph restoration project — beautiful stuff for all you O-scope fans! Check his photostream for more. He writes:

Here’s the restored chassis of the Clough-Brengle oscillograph. See the older photos for the “before.”

I powered this up once to verify that the transformers, resistors, and the replacement capacitors function. The tubes all function, which is quite incredible since most of them are the originals from 1935. I will not power those up again, since they may be worth something (especially the type 81 on the far right).

This oscillograph will most likely accompany me to the Maker Faire; for that, I will obtain another set of tubes so that it will be operational.

4 thoughts on “Oscilloscope Restoration

  1. ehrichweiss says:

    Wow, and I thought I owned some old oscilloscopes. I don’t think I’ve owned a non-tube scope to this day. Though I guess I should splurge one of these days and get one, I don’t need one for most of my projects and I’ve got friends who own more than their share of good scopes.

  2. Evil Paul says:

    My heart skipped a beat. So beautiful.

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