Pleo personality tools: MySkit and YAPT



Ugobe hasn’t yet released the official Pleo SDK, but a couple of AIBO hackers have already adapted some neat behavior editing tools for the Pleo.

MySkit allows you to develop motion and audio routines that the pleo can perform. As you are developing a skit, you can preview it on a virtual Pleo. This makes it easy to experiment with your motion animations before testing on the real robot.

When you’ve created a number of skits, you then can use YAPT (Yet Another Pleo Tool) to create full behavior response profiles that can be uploaded to the Pleo. The behavior profile that you create will allow your custom skits to be triggered by any of the Pleo’s sensors, which includes the various touch sensors as well as Pleo’s tilt, sound, and inactivity events. To run the new personality, just save it to an SD Card and insert it into Pleo.

MySkit Performance Editor for PLEO – Link
YAPT: Yet Another Pleo Tool – Link

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