Pocket PC iPhone conversion


Call it superficial, but you can really help your Pocket PC’s self esteem by giving it a face lift.

It’s still Windows Mobile on the inside, so most of your apps will look and function as before, but a few free downloads will get you home screen and dialpad themes, an iPhone-like contacts list, and the cool slide-to-unlock gizmo.

Turn your Windows Mobile phone into an iPhone @ Lifehacker – Link
iPhone-like home screen for PPC – Link
Slide 2 Unlock – Link
iContact (flick to scroll contacts) – Link
Dialpad and Calculator skins – Link

10 thoughts on “Pocket PC iPhone conversion

  1. sda says:

    * wow gold
    * wow power leveling

  2. xcvxc says:


  3. Steve says:

    W A N N A B E ! ! ! ! ! !

    greetz, from Argentina.

  4. Gav says:

    But this site [url]bestiphonetheme.com[/url] is even better.

    My friend referred me to them because of all the themes out there, these guys are the only ones that offer decent support.


  5. xuijian says:

    I wouldn’t say that they don’t offer support elsewhere…

    I downloaded mine from http://www.windowsmobileiphone.com and they helped all the way until it was up and running!

    Is fantastic, and they send me updates also which is pretty cool…

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