Pringles can macro photography



With an empty Pringles can and some lens and body covers, Photocritic devised a way to make a reliable extension tube for taking macro photos. You can make the tube for a few bucks worth of materials – unless you have spares, in which case it’s free. Once it’s made, you just wrap a standard lens in fabric, shove it backwards in the tube, and slide it in and out of the tube to adjust focus, similar to how a bellows would function. The photo above, which he took of a match head, really illustrates how cool this is, especially when you consider the cost.

Extreme Macro Photography on a budget

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  1. Wim L says:

    This is roughly what our eyes are doing when we’re looking past clutter in a scene, isn’t it? I recently read a paper arguing that the advantage of binocular vision for animals like us is not just depth perception, but the ability to look “through” nearby clutter (leaves, branches) by combining images from both eyes.

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