PSone – VGA input mod

PSone – VGA input mod

Monopole writes – “Here’s short and sweet description on how to convert a PSOne to a VGA monitor. It requires an ATI video card to generate the needed sync signals. I have done this and had excellent results for DIY projection.”Link.

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  1. JohnnyGTO says:

    I would love to see more details on this idea geared towards us beginner makers :-) Could this be tied to relays and used as solid state switches in an area with changing light levels like a car?

  2. mattgilbert says:

    broken link

  3. justDIY says:

    just FYI, lots more info on leds as sensors here:

  4. me says:

    From my understanding this works by sending a short burst of light and detecting it reflected back from a surface. This is quite easy when working with sound, but as light returns in just a few picoseconds, you have to ‘buffer’ the received signal perhaps with a good old capacitor.
    I’m amazed of the multi-touch sensor as it might become the cheapest multi-touch sollution.


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