AirPi Wireless MonoBox Speaker

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AirPi Wireless MonoBox Speaker


Makers continue to surprise us with their mods of the MonoBox Powered Speaker. Already this project has been built into a cigar box, an Italian cookie tin (with status LED), and a recipe box and ammo canister, among other builds. Now Weekend Projects maker Justin writes in with his version of this project, which he calls the AirPi Wireless Speaker. It combines a Raspberry Pi, the MonoBox amp circuit, WiFi adapter, and USB power connections, all modded into a standard bookshelf speaker and controlled over AirPlay using his iPhone.

You simply turn it on and wait for it to boot up then you can play music from your itunes or iphone using airplay. I also have mpd and mpc installed so that androids can play music on it too.


You can find additional documentation and instructions on Justin’s tumblr blog, along with a discussion of his build here on reddit.

4 thoughts on “AirPi Wireless MonoBox Speaker

  1. Roboguy says:

    AWESOME!!! This is why i want a Pi for my birthday. You can make awesome projects with it.

  2. MAKE | The TV-Go-Sleep Universal TV Timer & the Return of Weekend Projects! says:

    […] audio project, the MonoBox Powered Speaker, wound up being endlessly customized, modded with a wireless adapter and Raspberry Pi, adapted for two speakers, and modded into a boom cube, ammo can, and cigar box, among other novel […]

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