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Real-Time racing telemetry with the Make controller

Real-Time racing telemetry with the Make controller

Liam sent in this really interesting telemetry project that uses the Make controller as the ‘brains’ of the system. It’s able to serve up real-time data to the pit crew, and anyone with Internet access. Thanks Liam!

Seasoned track racers know what it means to be able to see all their lap times, acceleration and braking points, position on track, speed, etc. While there are relatively inexpensive data loggers that can do this in varying degrees, none have what I want and none can show the data live in the pits. Live data during a race can make a big difference to a driver’s performance, and to a hopefully attentive pit crew.


I really like the “Tupperware-like” enclose they chose. It’s easy to open, waterproof, and transparent. Be sure to check out the link for a lot more information about the project, including future plans.

More about Real-Time racing telemetry with the Make controller

In the Maker Shed:


More about the Make Controller 2.0 & Interface Board kit

6 thoughts on “Real-Time racing telemetry with the Make controller

  1. John Kiniston says:

    Very Cool, I wished I had time last year to cook up something like this for when I did the 2008 BABE Rally. I ended up using a Bluetooth GPS and a Windows Mobile based Cell Phone running to let my friends and family know where I was on my 6300+ mile round trip from Tucson AZ to New York for the start of the rally and from New Orleans back to Tucson AZ when it was over.

    Next year I hope to have some cool toys in my car like an on-board webcam and APRS position reporting, Ians writeup is quite inspiring.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      I just started a project to log GPS and weather data for my sailboat. Unfortunately, it isn’t real-time, but it’s still a lot of fun.

  2. Darko says:

    Why on earth would someone use this when you have the Arduino.

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