Rebuilding Old Capacitors

Rebuilding Old Capacitors


Check out this great tutorial by Don Fox over on Make: Projects, describing how to rebuild vintage caps using smaller modern capacitors inside the old housing.

Makezine_COTM_Capacitor-BadgeWhen working in an old TV, audio amplifier, or turntable, invariably I will run across capacitors of all types, paper, mica, electrolytic, etc…. Generally when we run into caps that are of the electrolytic type they are mostly dry, or drying out. Some common practices have people just shotgunning the problem by swapping out all old caps with new technology. Electrically equivalent… but to some of my audiophile buds, it is blasphemy bordering on the obscene.

Don’s solution is to add an bunch of modern caps to the retro housing, in order to keep his vintage electronics looking classic!

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