Recycle an old floppy connector as an SD card socket

Recycle an old floppy connector as an SD card socket


You’ve probably got an old floppy drive edge connector or two lying around from an old computer. You can save a bit of money and recycle these as SD/MMC card sockets for your electronics projects. The card can then be used in MMC mode by just wiring up a few I/O pins.

Rob Wentworth documented using this faux-sd floppy connector to add SD support to his WRT54G router. If you’re using the DDWRT or OpenWRT firmware for your Linksys, this hack can give you a huge upgrade with more data storage space and swap ram.

SD/MMC card fits in floppy edge-connector – Link
Adding an MMC/SD Card to the WRT54G – Link

8 thoughts on “Recycle an old floppy connector as an SD card socket

  1. wayn3 says:

    I’m avoiding Puppy Linux for the following reason:

    The info in this article would be good for trying out other distros.

  2. jason_striegel says:

    Yikes! It’s a drag to hear that happened.

    As wayn3 mentioned, you can use the bulk of these instructions to install another distro if you desire. Damn Smal Linux and SLAX both have really good reputations.

    DSL – Link
    SLAX – Link

    Too bad passionate users aren’t always more motivated to wrangle code than to run around threatening people.

  3. buzban says:

    great article, thank you. just enough detail, and great visuals to help me through the process. very cool!

  4. byoung says:

    thanks this really helped me figure out how to save my configurations and files on guest Slax using Mac OSX as host :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The “Export Guest PC to Flash Drive” will make a standalone application that will just run the .qvm file. So you dont have to copy the files. It can only run the virtual machine that was exported though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a copy of puppy on a bootable usb drive that I am able to use on PCs. Has anyone adapted the method with Q above to access such a puppy instance from within OS X?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The “death threat” article is ridiculous. A distro doesn’t characterize the people who use it. And a person who uses a distro (and in this case, even more oddly, only once) can’t characterize the distro.

    This idea of generalizing … in this case, to a group of people (Puppy Linux users) and a whole operating system from one blog incident and an anonymous poster is the really stupider problem. Generalization.

    During the war, people killed dogs like dachshunds and german shepherds in the US because they were characterized as german. Apparently the dogs themselves were unaware of this connection.

    Likewise the (in my experience) helpful friendly and open minded folks I read and respond to on the puppy forum. Apparently, now they’ve been portrayed as threateneing fanatics, and one poster above is actually removing puppy Linux from his or her computer!

    Gosh, I use Puppy Linux and am happy to. And I think it’s great if others use other operating systems that they like, as well.

    I would like to point out that using Puppy Linux hasn’t caused me to issue death threats. Or even resent others for using other OS’s.

    So, if you are tempted to try it yourself, such behavior is definitely not a contagious Puppy Linux disease, and doesn’t come bundled with the operating system itself. You can relax. Puppy Linux won’t turn into a blog threatening monster.

    Just the opposite, really. I’ve actually found that Puppy linux is a fun distro, without a lot of attachment to the serious in its basic nature. A droopy puppy for a wallpaper mascot tends to interfere with the idea of fanatacism in my opinion — who could possibly believe in a Puppy Linux fanatic in the first place? It’s a joke.

    In fact, the idea behind Barry Kauler’s (the original developer’s) efforts was simply to make something small, and useful, and filled with simple and fun programs, and give people the ability to customize that to their own tastes and preferences. Rewrite the whole OS even (via an included re-master program) Hardly the stuff of fanaticism. More like respect for individualism and differences of opinion.

    I find it odd therefore that one dysfunctional and rambling blog entry by an anonymous person, who claimed not to even use Puppy Linux has now tarred anyone who puts a Puppy CD into their drive.

    Please, a real Puppy user, here, suggests trying it out, or not, I have respect for you either way. The Puppy forum is also a place you might visit, or not, to see for yourself just how frightening Puppy people really are. May peace and happiness shine upon you either way.

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