RepRap magnetic rotary encoder

RepRap magnetic rotary encoder


Zach writes –

I’m very proud to announce a new board, designed and developed by the RepRap Research Foundation. Its called the Magnetic Rotary Encoder, and it uses a magnet to provide positional feedback information. It is based around the AS5040 chip, and provides 10-bits of resolution per rotation (1024 different positions!) It has 5 different output modes, a 6.1mm hole that fits the magnet for easy aligning, plenty of diagnostic LEDs for coolness, and 6 different mounting holes for ease of use, including GM3 gearmotor mounting holes.

Intended for enhancing the Reprap‘s extrusion process, this board looks like a good workout for those surface mount soldering skills. View source files and more – Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0


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2 thoughts on “RepRap magnetic rotary encoder

  1. sunrunner20 says:

    I Have to disagree with ordering an extra PCB board. PCBs are hard to fry unless you run a (massive) short though them, or litterally rip a trace off of the surface. Your more prone to need extra parts and a good multimeter.
    Rememeber, PCBs are copper and fiberglass, no magic smoke, just metal to melt.

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