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If you’re not satisfied with glasses that only have a monochrome LED display, this model by Garret Mace of macetech instead features an array of RGB LEDs. It’s possible that you caught a glimpse of them as worn by Garret at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Last year he premiered a pair of the more simple glasses there, so this would seem like the next logical step in glasses development. True to many of our habits, the PCBs came in just in time for the event this year, so he had to finish soldering work after flying into the Bay Area.

In Garret’s opinion, and mine for that matter, the best part of this design is the hinges. The PCB is cleverly designed using both Eagle CAD and Autodesk Inventor to make these pivots, so that secondary manufacturing operations are minimized. Screws, of course, have to be added. Simple, clean, and geeky. Perfect for a Maker event!

These glasses naturally attracted quite a bit of attention while Garret wandered the grounds. Many questions were asked and many selfies taken, including this one, which, if the description is to be believed, is Sir Mix-A-Lot. Apparently he also likes big glasses.

If you have any interest in modifying them, you can do that too. Garret shared how to make them sound reactive a few weeks ago!


0 thoughts on “RGB LED Glasses

  1. babaloo says:

    How much of the light can you see when you’re wearing them? can you shoot a little video looking through the glasses?

  2. Chris H says:

    Ok, Kickstarter is over… Where can someone order these?


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