Ripping Vinyl with GNU/Linux

Ripping Vinyl with GNU/Linux

It’s time consuming, but with the right process you can transform your vinyl collection into digital audio for archiving, sharing and playing on portable devices.

To make the most of your ripped analogs, you’ll need to go a little further than just recording the audio with your sound card. There’s the whole process of normalizing and splitting tracks into seperate files, of course, but it’s also not a bad idea to make multiple encodings so you can have both mp3 playback and a lossless archival copy. Then there’s file naming and ID3 tags to think about…

Luckily, you can do all of the above with free software. There are even tools to make the tagging and naming step as simple as possible. Now, there’s still work involved, but think how slick you’ll look when you’re lugging an iPod instead of that other portable audio device.

Ripping Vinyl with GNU/Linux –Link.