Bamboo Exoskeletal Arm

Bamboo Exoskeletal Arm

Caspian Maclean of Perth, Australia, built his “limb embiggener” out of bamboo stakes and a bicycle brake.

It still seems much easier then the original skeletonics system that inspired me, and more sturdy than my previous mechanical arm. Hopefully there’s enough information to give anyone a good start to making one.

The Artifactory had all the tools I needed – drill press, saw, clamps, measuring tape.

I bought some more bamboo and some long bolts, I think 3/8 inch diameter as the metric ones at Bunnings seemed either too wide or too short, cut some bamboo, drilled the holes in the bamboo, big enough for the bolts to go through either easily or with a push, and fit it all together.

Taped on the bicycle brake from the previous arm, originally from a local bike shop, to be the claw.

Photos on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Bamboo Exoskeletal Arm

  1. Ofis Mobilyaları says:

    Bravo is a piece of very wild:)

  2. Daniel Kim says:

    Next: the bamboo Skeletonics rig!

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