Brazil-worthy robotic arm

Brazil-worthy robotic arm

I love this funky robotic arm that looks like it’s something from the set of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. The arm is constructed of techno-junk, recycled PCB material, cassette motors, 15-gauge wire, fishing line. The “brains” for the arm is a 6502 CPU from the 1980s. Tres retro!

While you’re on the site, check out some of the builders other ingenious BEAM-ish bots. [Thanks, R. Mark Adams!]

The Robot Arm

6 thoughts on “Brazil-worthy robotic arm

  1. Nate says:

    …it needs to make it 100% “Brazilian” is to replace the keypad with a series of 1/4″ TRS phone plugs.

    And maybe some ducts.

    But regardless, it’s pretty dang cool!

    1. Jack says:

      Ha! Ducts!

      One of my very favorite movies. I keep trying to convince all my friends to watch it.

      The phone plugs were one of my favorite parts of the movie. Just absolutely useless, but they actually looked kind of cool.

  2. Elexorien says:

    Now we just need to make the rest of Bender so the robots can take over the world. Good old 6502, who ever thought it could take over humanity….

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