Cardboard Walker Bot

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This low-cost walking robot is made from a cardboard box and scavenged electronics. A custom-made development board based on an ATmega88 controls the robots movements. The entire project cost about $18 to build. Check out the link for more information and another video.

The Servos I got from a past project, all LEDs from various things I took apart (VCRs, Computers, Remotes, etc.) Piezospeaker from a toy train that was broken, both IR emitters were 47Hz from remotes I believe if my memory serves me well. I whipped out my spectrum analyzer, and I think it was 47Hz, so then I bought two receivers within that range and whipped up a circuit.

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4 thoughts on “Cardboard Walker Bot

  1. neuroclast says:

    First interesting thing I’ve seen on the MAKE RSS in weeks!

  2. BB says:

    Reminds me of the $8 Man from Sesame Street. =)

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