CNet coverage of Maker Faire robotics

CNet coverage of Maker Faire robotics

Daniel Terdiman, of CNet, has put together a nice package of pieces on Maker Faire, centered on the DIY robotics movement that annually finds expression here.

Photos: DIY bringing robotics to the masses
In search of a do-it-yourself Wall-E
Photos: Getting ready at Maker Faire
Snapshots from the 2009 Maker Faire
Behind the scenes as Maker Faire gets ready

4 thoughts on “CNet coverage of Maker Faire robotics

  1. Ken Denmead says:

    Had to go back to the cnet post to realize it was a PREVIEW of robot stuff at MF posted last Friday, and the 2 year-old picture of Chris was intentional. Chris was both at our GeekDad booth and his own DIYDrones section of the Maker Shed this year to great popularity.

  2. Ken Denmead says:

    And sorry, didn’t mean that as any kind of criticism, just was befuddled for a moment when I saw the pic. Viva la Make!

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