CoolerBot is solar-powered and scares animals

CoolerBot is solar-powered and scares animals


MAKE subscriber and prolific robot-builder Steve Norris writes in to share his latest creation, the CoolerBot. Unlike most of the telepresence devices we see, this one is designed to be used outdoors, and sports solar panels to help keep it charged up. Steve claims that it’s primary purpose is wildlife photography, but from the looks of that rabbit I think it might be more fun to drive it around and startle them.

I like the use of readily obtainable building materials such as PVC pipe and a cooler, and the camouflage finishing work. Now I wish I had a backyard to drive it around in!

6 thoughts on “CoolerBot is solar-powered and scares animals

  1. says:

    I need this to scout for opossums in my backyard before letting my dogs out (they’re shih-tzus and the ‘possums are bigger than they are) :-)

    I like the camo and solar panels, but I think I’d want a better housing on my Nikon DSLR if I was going to be leaving it out to charge and running it around in around on anything but very dry days.

    I think it’d scare my neighbors more than the wildlife, too.

  2. Shadyman says:

    Pretty cool use of off-the-shelf materials; however, I think I’m going to need a snowmobile version for the next few days/months…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one that sees a MALP when I see that?

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