Electric ATVs Are Coming to Farms Near You

Electric ATVs Are Coming to Farms Near You


Crouching in the corner at MakerCon is this futuristic looking utility vehicle named Farmdogg. This electric all terrain vehicle aims to solve many problems that you find in current systems used by farms, specifically targeting the “4 wheeler” that we all know so well.

The typical ATV or 4 wheeler right now has three big issues:

  • Dangerous: Many people are hurt each year as their ATV flips on top of them.
  • Dirty: Current vehicles burn gasoline.
  • Dumb: All they are is transport.

The Farmdogg, designed by Rogue Rovers, tackles each of these points:

  • Sustainable: Electric motors give the Farmdogg plenty of power without the pollution.
  • Safe: The power pack is located very low on the chassis, allowing for the vehicle to take extreme inclines and declines without threat of flipping.
  • Smart: The current system has intelligent lighting and display systems. Automated driving and sensor systems are being added.

This last bit, the smartness aspect, is what got me excited. The ability to send your Farmdogg out to take sensor readings and mow the rows between your grape vines in a completely autonomous fashion is an incredible advancement.

If you want to follow along with the project as it evolves, you can find them at roguerovers.com

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