The Evezor Robot Arm Is an Open Source Artist, Bartender, and More

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The Evezor Robot Arm Is an Open Source Artist, Bartender, and More

The robotic arm playing field just got a little bit bigger. The Evezor open source robotic arm just went live on Kickstarter. This is a SCARA style arm with an almost 3 foot wide circle of reach.

As with a few others that we have seen, the Evezor boasts the capability to swap the end out with different tool heads for things like laser cutting, CNC routing, and 3D printing. You could, of course, create any kind of custom tooling for unique purposes with a set-up like this, such as hot wire cutting or beer pouring.

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I really love this demo. They actually show the arm being used with multiple tool heads to complete a single project. A pretty neat project at that! Even if they marketed this simply as a coaster manufacturing machine, I would be amused. Excellent job on the video Evezor team, you certainly have my attention!

The Evezor robotic arm is completely open source. Although that term is sometimes thrown about to mean a promise from the developer to release the files in the near future, in Evezor’s case, the files are already fully available. You can download the files from their main website right now!

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