From The Gift Guide: The Cutest Intro To Robots Ever

From The Gift Guide: The Cutest Intro To Robots Ever


If you’ve always wanted to get into robotics but found the pricing to be prohibitive, this adorable little kit is exactly what you need. Heck, even if you’ve got no interest in robotics whatsoever, you’d find this thing enjoyable as it scurries around bumping into things and backing away to find another route.

gg-prettyWhile the cardboard body may not last forever, the lessons in simple robotics construction that you would learn from assembling it certainly will. The instructions are clear and the whole process only takes a few minutes. No soldering necessary.

Perfect for use as a stocking stuffer, or ultimately a pet amusement device, it is only $16.00.

0 thoughts on “From The Gift Guide: The Cutest Intro To Robots Ever

  1. Sucram says:

    Very neat. Hopefully at this price tag more schools are going to get involved.

    I am currently in the last steps of building robots with students ($15, Arduino, 2wd car chassis, ultrasonic sensor). It is a lot of fun.

    Something like the cute robots could be ideal for the younger students. Though after introducing Ardublock to the older ones I am confident the younger one’s will manage as well. All it takes is half a dozen command blocks.

  2. Yahmez says:

    Too bad that there is no nod to Jerome Demers, the inventor of the oh-so-simple beetlebot circuit used in this product. Got to give credit where credit is due. =(
    To make matters worse, he wrote an article here for Make about it a few years back.

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