Good news! VEX is in stores…

Good news! VEX is in stores…

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Earlier there were some reports about the new FIRST-inspired robotics kits from Radioshack, VEX, not making it to store shelves. Well, in at least two Radioshacks in the Seattle area, I spotted them, and there are likely a lot more. Link.

9 thoughts on “Good news! VEX is in stores…

  1. El_Payo says:

    I spotted a bunch of them in the Northpoint Center Radio Shack (Bay Street) here in San Francisco.

  2. chadvavra says:

    they have been in stores in around and near NYC for months.

    I find them over-rated

  3. JohnnyGTO says:

    We have two Radio Shacks in Eureka Ca, with them but sadly they not selling :-(

  4. DigitalInBlue says:

    Finally, just what I needed to finish up my T-800 prototype!

    Off to the shack!

  5. spy1325 says:

    I have seen them in my Radio shacks here in Texas for over 4 months. i also find them over rated, and over priced, but i may buy a set becuase i know someone with employee discount!

  6. kb1cix says:

    They have been in RS stores for months here in the Boston area.

  7. OlProfBear says:

    Saw them in the RS near Harvard, but oddly not in the one near MIT.

  8. rndmsfree says:

    I’ve seen them at the Riverside Dr. store in Toluca Lake (near Burbank), CA.

  9. Muddler says:

    I saw them weeks ago both in Des Moines, IA and in Minneapolis, MN stores.

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