GP3EZ based robot won’t crash

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Here’s a video of a simple robot built with two RC servo motors and a GP3EZ controller that can be setup without any programming knowledge. Plus it doesn’t seem to crash into anything.


2 thoughts on “GP3EZ based robot won’t crash

  1. kel dunn says:

    Is this just a pic programmer, from the picture I can almost read pic16f84 but it could be something else. Anybody buy one of these?

    On there site there is a schematic in the manual but it is oddly lacking any parts list including the values for the minor components. So I’m thinking they are including this curiously absent bit of information in the kit.

    So, once again, any sucke…I mean…early adopters out there who can provide the parts list and perhaps a scan of the circuit board for us makers.

    Otherwise this bit of product placement is very un-make-esque.

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