Homebuilt RC Hovercraft

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Homebuilt RC Hovercraft


With parts that could have been used to build a remote control jet, ScratchBuiltAircraft on Instructables managed to make something even cooler: a remote-controlled hovercraft.

The body of the hovercraft is made of foam board, while the plastic ‘skirt’ around the bottom is just a simple heavy-duty garbage bag. Where the build gets really interesting is in the electronics. The thrust for the hovercraft is provided by an electric ducted fan powered by a LiPo battery. This fan also pushes air into the skirt of the hovercraft thanks to a duct located directly behind the fan.

As for how it performs, ScratchBuiltAircraft is able to get some very good speed and maneuverability out of his homebuilt hovercraft given a reasonably flat surface. Since this hovercraft is very  lightweight,  it can also operate equally well on land and water making it a great build to take to the beach.

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