i-SOBOT hacking resources

i-SOBOT hacking resources

Robodance is a popular robot control program that allows you to control a number of commercially available toy and hobby robots via your computer and a number of control interfaces, including the Nintendo Wiimote and nunchaku attachment. This is probably the easiest way to expand the programming capabilities of your i-SOBOT.


The i-SOBOT Hacking Blog didn’t breathe live for very long, but while it did, its author managed to post some useful explorations of the robot’s control, power, and servo systems:

The i-SOBOT power supply

i-SOBOT Controller Overview – covers disassembly and includes two detailed and annotated photos that show all the major connectors and functionality.

i-SOBOT Controller Overview 2 – digs deeper into the i-SOBOT controller including servo connections, the on  board gyro, and quite a few pin-outs.

Right-Arm Control – covers the servo signals and protocols

More About i-SOBOT Servo Protocol – Includes the i-SOBOT frames and protocols in quite a bit of detail.
[Via Robots-Dreams]

i-SOBOT teardown analysis report
(Translated Japanese page)

i-SOBOT Battery Specs & Spare Sets

i-SOBOT Easter Eggs:

Here are 8 of them. I took a guess as to what they are called.
•Upper Guard / Taunt?
•Soundeffect & Pose
•Soundeffect & pose (reversed)
•Eye Blaster?
•Blow Whistle
•Odd Vocal & Pose
•Odd Vocal & Pose (reverse)
•Spells out “TAKARA TOMY” with body
[via RobotSavvy]

More Easter Eggs here and here.

World’s smallest humanoid robot can run Linux



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