Lego-and-Wood Cable Car

Lego-and-Wood Cable Car
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This cable car is cool — it uses a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick loaded with RobotC, Lego servos, and a bunch of laser-cut wood parts. The robot scrapes up shapes and haul it up an inclined wire, and dumps them out at the top.

IMG_0973This is the result of a project our team had to do for school. The scope of this project was, to develop a system, which can collect and transport “building material” to the summit station of a cable car. The building materials are: steel beams, bulk and rocks. These are placed on the Mountain terrain in many different positions. The target is to bring as much building material to the summit station in 3 min. In the beginning, the cable car must be placed completely in the valley station. The system has to be installed in 2 min. The system must not be heavier than 3.5 kg.

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