LiveBots, Robots Live on the Web

LiveBots, Robots Live on the Web


Got a robot on the web? Consider adding it to, which aggregates UStream feeds from multiple robots that allow visitors to control them through the web. The “hand” robot in the image above was built by the site operator, Navic, who documented instructions on how to build the hand-bot. [via Guilherme Martins]

6 thoughts on “LiveBots, Robots Live on the Web

  1. Navic says:

    I’m Navic and not the site operator lol. I was invited to put the hand on LiveBots by the real operator, Franciso – as shown in the About page:

  2. Hugu says:

    Francisco (aka XicoMBD) ;)

  3. Hugu says:

    And now, until April 30th, a contest there and the winner can win a raspberry pi! ;)

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