Low-cost telepresence robot


On this episode of Gomi Style, they build a low-cost telepresence robot. There are some “problems” with this video. It’s not an “autonomous” robot if *you* control it and the show is called Gomi Style, and they say the robot is made of junk they have lying around, but then, it’s made with the Vex robotics system, our MAKE Controller, a Mac Mini, an iSight camera, and an LCD monitor. Still, they manage to make a pretty decent telepresence bot for probably under $1000.

Sparky – Autonomous Telepresence Robot

2 thoughts on “Low-cost telepresence robot

  1. Ken says:

    Boo! I just couldn’t watch the whole thing.

    “Junk I had laying around in parts bins”? Puhleese!

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