Maker Spotlight: Jillian Ogle

Robotics Technology
Maker Spotlight: Jillian Ogle

Name: Jillian Ogle
Home: San Francisco, California
Makerspace: The Batchery (in downtown Berkeley)
Day Job: CEO of Let’s Robot


Robotics : Art : Live Streaming

Jillian Ogle started her career as an artist. But, never one to back down from a challenge or the chance to learn a new skill, she has transitioned over the years from art to game design to livestreaming robots.

“Aylobot and Ninabot were the first 2 robots I built two years ago. My original goal was to make the world’s first interactive live show using robots,” says Jillian, explaining the goal behind her company Let’s Robot. “I’ve had to learn a lot of things for this project in particular, since I had no background in hardware or robotics. Now I have an awesome team and we are excited to help bring robots to the masses.”

Jillian Ogle and Let’s Robot are working on turning your everyday TV camera into a robot that can be controlled by the audience watching the show. It’s definitely a fun take on the future of robots-as-entertainment, as well as one of the first serious forays into silly livestream robots.

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