MegaBots Announces “Robot Upgrade” Video Series

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MegaBots Announces “Robot Upgrade” Video Series

From their big public debut at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2015, through their challenge to Suidobashi for a giant-robot duel, to their highly successful Kickstarter, MegaBots has maintained momentum worthy of a 10 ton battling robot over the past 18 months. Now they’re announcing a video series to highlight the updates, upgrades, and rebuilding of their MKII machine in preparation for the upcoming Suidobashi showdown.

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The preview video hints at new weapons (oversized chain saws!), new forms of transportation (high-speed tracks!), and increased defenses (one scene looks like they’re about to smash the MKII with a wrecking ball).

Wrecking Ball

The series launches on September 28th, and the team is “aiming for 10 episodes total, and around 10 days between episodes” according to MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti.

The press release goes into further detail:

MegaBots is now in the process of finishing the world’s largest (16ft tall), heaviest (10 ton), most powerful (350 HP), and most expensive ($750k in hardware, $2.5M total cost) sports combat robot, and is proud to be releasing an online video series that gives audiences a behind the scenes look at how the Mk2 robot was redesigned from the ground up.

Video production will be handled by an unnamed, Emmy-nominated team with experience with this type of content — shooting is underway now. After that, the team will be getting set for their battle with Suidobashi, with date and location still not disclosed.

We’ll be watching.


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