Nao bot chosen as AIBO RoboCup replacement

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Nao bot chosen as AIBO RoboCup replacement

In a rather strange move, French start-up Aldebaran, and their Nao humanoid robot, has been chosen as the replacement competitor for the discontinued Sony AIBO. The two-legged Nao will replace the four-legged AIBO in the Standard Platform League (formerly the Four-Legged League) of RoboCup, the popular robotic soccer competition. It seems something of a curious choice, given the fact that Aldebaran hasn’t even shipped a product yet.

NAO Humanoid Robot Selected to Replace AIBO for RoboCup! – Link
Aldebaran Robotics – Link

4 thoughts on “Nao bot chosen as AIBO RoboCup replacement

  1. djassper says:

    What do u mean by “In a rather strange move” ? Working prototypes exists, its only a matter of mass production, Robocuppers will receive their Nao robocup edition by the end of March 2008 and the publicly available Nao robots will be available in early 2009 … I personnaly think it’s not strange at all, it’s even smart from the robocup organisers to choose a state of the art robot Now, not waiting a year more to select this robot and still use a dog robot, Aibo

  2. lareine says:

    it is also curious that now they have their 5million euros and aren’t shipping a product for another year or perhaps two. Any ideas?

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