Quick n’ dirty pan-tilt camera mount

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Quick n’ dirty pan-tilt camera mount

Using little more than some PCBs from Sparkfun, two micro servos, some right angle headers and screws left over from a junked Gameboy, Jose Torres from RampageRobotics built this pan-tilt robot camera rig (with the help of a Dremel and a soldering iron). The CMOS camera module is from Electronics123.com. Clever use of the bent header pins to create a right-angle mount for the tilt-servo PCB.

Build a Pan-Tilt Camera Mount in Less Than an Hour

6 thoughts on “Quick n’ dirty pan-tilt camera mount

  1. Martin S says:

    This post should be titled: How to spend more money then necessary and waste your precious prototyping resources.

    If you get some sturdy cardboard or pieces of wood, acryl or other … hell whatever you get it will probably be cheaper and less wasteful then this.
    The same seems to hold for the whole base on which it’s mounted. This looks like forty bucks worth prototyping board went to waste…

    Sorry, I don’t like it…

    1. designer2k2 says:

      with protoboards thats expensive and fragile.

      why not take Cable Ties?


      i used it with a distance sensor (http://designer2k2.at/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22:3d-scan-arduino&catid=13:arduino&Itemid=40)

      but you could also attach a cam on it.

      I think with Cable Ties it qualifys more as “Quick n´dirty” as with protoboard ;)

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Personally, I have tons of scrap PCB (such as the leg mounting pads from the Solarbotics’ Bicore Experimenter’s PCB), and lots of header pins, so this is not a purchase.

    As to fragility, I think that’s over-stated. How much abuse is such a mount going to receive? The bumps and jolts of such a bot I don’t think would task such an assembly, as hereconstructed. Do you?

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