This Robot Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube Faster Than Most People

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This Robot Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube Faster Than Most People

I never got the appeal of Rubik’s Cubes, but maybe that’s just because I could never solve them (unless I cheated). So I wish I could have had something like the Brickuber, a Raspberry Pi robot designed to solve Rubik’s Cubes, for all of those moments I did have to try and solve one of the darn things.

The bot was built by Dexter Industries. John Cole, Project Lead on the BricKuber, said, “Rather than go for speed, we went with simplicity: if you have a Raspberry Pi, a BrickPi kit, and a standard LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or NXT Kit, you should be able to easily follow in our footsteps.”

Despite Cole’s words, the BricKuber can still solve a Rubik’s Cube in a matter of minutes. Sure, that’s slower than the people that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds, but it’s certainly faster than someone like me! If you want to build this bot for yourself, head on over to Cole’s Maker Share page.

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