RC Bristlebot

RC Bristlebot

Rc Bristlebot
Rc Bristlebot Proto
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Maxster is working on a remote-controlled bristle bot prototypes.

– made with wowwee dragonfly guts. on the controller the throttle controls the vibration and the left/right joystick makes a weight shift left to right to make it turn. A sharper version of this is 3rd on my project list.

Hmmm, 3rd on my project list is – “make a project list”… dunno when I’ll get to that one. *ahem* – cool idea! – RC bristle bot on Flickr

Bristlebot Crop
HOW TO – Make a Bristlebot a tiny directional vibrobot made from a toothbrush!

Bird vs. robot (wowee dragonfly, specifically)

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