RoboGames 2011 Discount Ticket Offer

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RoboGames 2011 Discount Ticket Offer

Our wireheaded cohort over at RoboGames have made another generous offer this year to all MAKE readers. David Calkins writes…

RoboGames invites all MAKE readers to discounted tickets to “RoboGames 2011,” the eight annual international robot olympics. This event highlights the best robot teams from around the world, in 70 different competitions. Everything from acrobatic androids to 220 pound flame-throwing, blade-spinning, titanium shearing robots of destruction! Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled, but they’re all cool! This year’s event is Friday-Sunday, April 15-17th from 12-7pm at the San Mateo Event Center (same venue as Maker Faire Bay Area!)

Full event details here.

Whether you’re a sports fan or techno geek, RoboGames puts on the best events in the Bay Area! ESPN put us in SportsCenter’s Top Ten and Wired called it one of “The Best Ten North American Geek Fests.”

RoboGames is pleased to offer MAKE readers a 20% discount on ticket prices (adults normally $20, kids $15). This coupon is only valid for advanced purchases for 2 weeks. Buy tickets here and use coupon code “Maker” for your discount!

RoboGames Call For Papers and Projects

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  1. Yannic Geurts says:

    Robot wars coming back to life? :D

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