Salvius, an Autonomous Robot Made From Recycled Parts

Salvius, an Autonomous Robot Made From Recycled Parts

Salvius runs off Ubuntu, can operate autonomously, is about the height and weight of a human being, and is mostly made from recycled and salvaged parts.

The name ‘Salvius’ dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, but it seem oddly fitting for this robot because so much of the robot has been salvaged from old electronics and re-purposed materials. The original goal for this robot was to recycle and make it as affordable as possible. What sets Salvius apart from many other robots is that it can conduct a wide variety of actions. In the past there has been great success with robots such as the Rumba vacuum or the Jeopardy playing robot Watson but both robots are completely incapable of doing anything other than what they were designed to do.

Salvius is a standalone open-source robot designed to be able to preform a wide range of tasks and to be able to adapt to anything else that it encounters. This robot uses many open-source devices and software.The primary goal for Salvius is to create a self-sustaining robot that can repair itself and maintain its own power supply while functioning dynamically in a domestic environment. Salvius is not an attempt to be the best-looking robot out there, Salvius is simply made from what is readily available. Money is always an issue in any long-term endevour, but sticking to the idea that we can make anything from anything, nothing can stop Salvius’s steady progress.

The maker’s website has a lot of interesting information

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